Companies that have had legacy data warehouse, data marts, and reporting technologies for last 10 to 20 years are looking to modernize them, especially to a cloud equivalent. For e.g., many firms are migrating from on-premises data warehouses like Teradata to its cloud data warehouses equivalents like Snowflake. However, such transition is sure to impact the business users in many ways: applications not being available due to downtime during the migration, training on the new analytics technologies, and new ways to search, find, and use the data in the new system. Such disruption can cause lost revenue, degradation in employee productivity, and decreased customer satisfaction.

Is it possible to minimize or eliminate the business disruption? There might impact to the marketing/sales reports that need to be run weekly, regulatory compliance statements that need to be filed quarterly, and customer assistance that need to be provided in real-time by call center representatives. So, how can these critical business operations continue unimpeded while the IT is switching to the new technologies?