The Smart Home of Tomorrow Today


Since 1999, locally owned and operated Hanson Audio Video has been equipping families with optimum solutions for Home Theater, Hi-Fi Audio and Smart Home Automation in their homes.

Hanson’s primary goal is to present clients with a range of possibilities to ultimately create the best possible home automation experience. With your budget in mind, Hanson has a host of product offerings ranging from good, better, best to ultimate. Hanson’s engineers can even visit your home for a free consultation to explore options to enhance your family room, kitchen, den, patio and other living spaces.

Hanson provides a full spectrum of home automation services to elevate the atmosphere of your home, both inside and outside. Automation can start small with controlling a single function, but can also expand and scale to allow for control of your entire home based on your desired level of customization. Currently, Hanson interfaces to over 13,000 different devices that can be controlled with the push of a button, utilizing a single app.  Hanson has achieved the highest level of recognition for their expertise and reputation in home automation with product offerings to control entertainment, security, lighting, energy management, blinds/shades, pool/spa controls, intercom and gate control.  Control 4 has designated Hanson as the only Certified Control 4 showrooms in Southwest Ohio and is the winner of the 2018 CEDIA Best Showroom of the Year for North and South America.

Smart Home Automation includes daily or routine functions that we would like to automate to improve our quality of life or free up time in our schedule. This may include a good morning function that raises blinds, turns on the coffee pot, lights and TV tuned to your favorite morning show. Maybe it’s an alert for a package being delivered to your front door or one that says your water heater has developed a leak and is flooding your basement. Almost anything that can be turned on and off can be automated by the push of a button on your smart phone, remote, wall switch, wall display or audio command.

“Smart Home Technology is going mainstream with homeowners when upgrading, remodeling or building new. According to a recent report by The Farnsworth Group, nearly half of all home renovations incorporate some manner of smart home technology which involves security, climate control and lighting, along with home entertainment and blinds. Sixty percent of new home buyers are willing to pay more for smart home features and 80 percent opt for them when offered an upgrade by the builder,” says Hanson Audio Video owner, Troy Hanson.  As the premier supplier of home entertainment technology and advanced automation in Southwest Ohio, Hanson offers a full service experience to create a seamless process from start to finish. Highly skilled engineers with years of experience in audio, video, automation and networking applications are the backbone of Hanson’s support team for product selection, installation and ongoing support. Visit a Hanson Audio Video location to tour their showroom smart house and experience of their cutting edge product lines and home automation offerings. Convenient showroom locations in Cincinnati and Dayton reveal the scope of possibilities in home automation and entertainment.


Visit Hanson Audio Video at their showroom located at 10800 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 or at 513.563.0444 or